cricket and education at KCA

cricket and education
cricket and education at KCA This is the beginning of anything you want



Cricket and education can only be possible in this Inconsistently changing world where the graduation is constrained as the initial phase in the expert professions.

Kandukuri Cricket Academy at Vizag provides an opportunity for every cricketer to develop their talent and make best in their education by providing world-class facilities and unique cricketing experiences.

We have developed a unique pathway for any enthusiastic cricketer to develop themselves from the right age of under 5 years old to after 20 years old. At Kandukuri Cricket Academy, Cricket and education program is uniquely placed for the overall development of the individual. Thus, Kandukuri Cricket Academy at Vizag provisions to meet its vision by providing quality education, one to one cricket coaching, accommodation.

With a proper Players Association in place, Indian cricketers could have a system which mentors the youngsters in their playing days and ensures their education is not neglected. The nature of the sport is such that most players tend to live in a bubble, gloriously unaware of the world around them, focused on their next match or next wicket or next boundary.

And some of the passionate cricketers would prefer not to leave the cricket and in addition, need to move hand in hand with the society. We give them the best opportunity so that they can concentrate on their studies as well as concentrate on their game where they can move parallel with the outer competitive world.

We provide Aspirants with the various Bachelor’s degrees to choose so that they have an option to get enhanced in both the ways to be a professional cricketer or the career they are have chosen apart of cricket which will always an advantage.

cricket and education