Cricket Coaching Center

cricket coaching center

Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

In Vizag at Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA), we do our best to open our players to extremely logical High-Performance Training programs, inclusive of in house physio-therapist to attend to injuries alongside proper instruments to enable, screen, to track and survey advance of our wards. 70 Yards Cricket ground, 50 Yards Cricket ground, Indoor Cricket stadium, 8 Box nets with floodlights, Speed meters, Video Analysis and with all modern coaching equipment’s. Are some of the facilities that our trainees enjoy.

70 Yards Cricket ground

By and large, the ground or the field can be segmented into three sections they are:

Pitch (22yards): The length of the pitch is 22yards and no less or more than 22yards is readied and we at Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA) have specified the same.
Infield or inner circle: From the focal point of the pitch the radius of inner circle or infield has the 30 yards you can call it as 30-yard circle or inner circle on records we have mentation similar lengths and widths
Outfield or Outer circle boundary circle: Relating to the limits ICC has clear sign principles from the focal point of the pitch the radius of the outer circle or length of the boundary ought to be least to 60 yards and most extreme to 90 yards. We have kept up recorded it down in order to rehearse the best cricketing shots and to upgrade the ranges of abilities.

50 Yards Cricket ground

The difference is not more when comparing it from large to shot ground we decreased it for our junior team so that they get enhanced in better scale at our cricket coaching center.

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Indoor Cricket -KCA

Indoor Cricket stadium

KCA offers a well-equipped Indoor cricket stadium with international standards of infrastructure and regular management of all cricket activities. Expert coaches in various departments, such as Bowling, Batting, Fielding, and Practice, focuses on the flaws of the students personally to rectify their mistakes and furnish them with new techniques and strategies. We provide a structured and systematic cricket development program designed by specialized professionals to enhance the performance of students. Our integrated coaching programs make the students elevate their potential in all aspects of the game. Along with providing quality coaching, special interest is placed for preparation of tournaments. .5000sqft modern Indoor Cricketing Stadium. Kandukuri Cricket Artificial Turf Pitch. Kandukuri Cricket Artificial Grass. Kandukuri Cricket Net Cage and Astro Turf practise Net. Kandukuri Cricket Lighting Solution. in our  Cricket coaching center, we got all  Training Equipment

8 Box nets with flood lights

The most widely recognized sort is the LED floodlights, which discharge a splendid white light. The level of extravagance as per the orders of the ICC Traditional Cricket spotlights has a long shaft, which settled the spotlight. This is on the grounds that the ball flies truly high when the batsman hits it, requiring the projectors to light up obviously the ball, from whichever position they are at. The measure of light may change contingent upon the separations to the ground. Utilizing LED spotlights for such huge stadiums is vital in light of the fact that they give finish scope of the field without dull spots (zebra impact stayed away from). What’s more, LED spotlights are vitality sparing and more sturdy than all whatever is left of the light sources. As of now, LED spotlights are sufficiently splendid to be utilized for lighting purposes at major brandishing scenes for cricket

Cricket Nets
Cricket Radar-KCA

Video Analysis

In our cricket coaching center, the great players have great mentors yet accessing quality training is troublesome and it’s destroying your odds of being the best player you can be. It’s baffling to know you can run encourage with your game yet all the best mentors are out of your scope.
Better than average mentors are costly and in-demand. The best are blocked off to the club and school players since they are working with proficient groups and institutes. The individuals who are outside the framework are reserved so far ahead of time and are so costly you can’t like to get any not too bad time with them.
Envision what you could do with the correct instructing. You will have the capacity to build up your diversion to the following level. You can give yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to making yourself an achievement in the realm of cricket.
That is precisely what in our Cricket coaching center- (KCA) Video Analysis can give you: Access to top-notch authority mentors with the knowledge you require about your method. You transfer your video to the site and a superb mentor investigates your method.


Speed Check Radar

On the off chance that the player needs to enhance reliably upon his execution with is speed check radar will enable them to make noteworthy time activity arrangement with a solitary snap. Activity pictures are caught and profound examination and amendment are helped by our guides on the field with the goal that it gives people to get a decent base on the diversion. You can play or spare moderate movement activity grouping video to check whether where you need to move forward.

Cricket Speed Check Radar
Cricket Fielding Machines

Fielding Machine

Here is your one-stop for cricket fielding drills. These drills are the speediest approach to enhance your fundamental cricket fielding aptitudes. There is no place with a more exhaustive arrangement of free fielding drills in our Cricket coaching center. Beneath you will discover cricket fielding drills for all parts of the amusement Stopping, tossing and getting, infield and outfield. These drills are hard tried in reality with cricketers over a scope of aptitudes and experience. In this way, regardless of whether you are an aggregate fledgling, an expert cricketer, or some place in the middle of you will discover something that you can utilize immediately. This is a free asset for cricket mentors and players determined to enhance their fielding.

Swimming Pool

On days like this, exercises like swimming are the ideal approach to rest and remain dynamic. Swimming enables consume fat through tenderly working your heart and lungs. Swimming enables you to keep tired muscles dynamic without the wear and tear of running, bores or weights. Swimming helps your portability by moving your joints through various scopes of movement to cricket Certainly, swimming isn’t appropriate for cricket-particular preparing and shouldn’t be the primary piece of your planning. In any case, as an approach to recuperate the day after an extreme match or plyometric session, there is minimally better.

Cricket Swimming Pool
Transportation for Cricketers


Kandukuri Transportation today covers not only isolation and safety aspect but also focuses on comfort and style. The Players are offered by aesthetically pleasing interiors, great comfort with Air conditioned sceneries and fuel economy.

Hostel for overseas and out-station trainees

near our Cricket coaching center hostel facility for overseas and out-station trainees on daily, monthly or annual basis. Overseas cricketers can stay at a paying guest accommodation based on our norms so that they get one-stop solution and fear free to any kind of situation arrives in front of the future champions

Accommodation for Cricketers